Rooting For You Farm!

Welcome to Rooting For You Farm! We’re just a small family farm along the coast of Lake Erie in Zone 7a. We started gardening not too long ago, and our hobby quickly became an obsession as we were buying all sorts of seeds from different companies (much like everyone else does).

This is where our journey began.   One day we took a trip to a large, well known seed company and thought- hey we could do this! We had already planned our first two gardens on our property, and each year we’ve wanted more out of our landscape. Why not plant natives along the road? Why not try several varieties of melons, tomatoes, squash, etc.? If you’re wondering why we have so many Cosmos and Zinnia available it’s because we planted them!    We’re beginners in our addiction (ahem I mean journey), but we’ve learned a lot.  Please join us on our journey of growing, preserving, and taking care of our own little family!   Now we want to share our favorites with the world, help people plant and grow their own, and know where our food comes from.

All of our seed packs are $1.75 and we pack in smaller quantities. Why do we do this? Because not all of us need 4,000 of the same seed (yes, that’s an exaggerated number, but you get the point). We offer free shipping on orders over $35, and are working on getting to Canada.

We look forward to growing and working with you. If there is something you are looking for that isn’t on our website, please reach out- we will do everything we can to find it, or information about a specific seed or plant.

Please follow us on social media, share your photos, and if you’re already a customer or thinking of becoming one, we’d love to see what your garden looks like, give us a tag!

Happy Gardening!

Disclaimer:  We’re not botanists, nutritionists, or any type of licensed professional.   Our mission is to share what we’re learning and hopefully we can learn from others, provide more on our site, and for our family.   If you have questions specifically about nutrition facts, soil science, or anything requiring advanced research, we urge you to consult your local Extension Office, Health Department, or the FDA as we do not claim results based on anything other than our own experience.  Try seeds at your own risk, and please consult a local nursery for questions about specific breeds or items that you don’t understand.