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1010 Seed Starter Kit for Backyard Gardeners

1010 Seed Starter Kit for Backyard Gardeners

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Seed Starter Kit for Backyard Gardeners

Are you ready to jump-start your gardening dreams? Look no further than the 1010 Seed Starting Kit! Crafted with quality and attention to detail, this starter kit is perfect for small-space gardeners and homesteaders alike with everything you need to start growing.

Included in this seed starter kit for gardeners are (24) 6-cell Plug Inserts, (4) 1010 2.5" trays without holes, and (4) 1010 6" Domes (Available without domes). Choose between five unique colors — pink, green, blue, purple, or orange. 

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  • (24) 6 Cell Plug Inserts
  • (4) 1010 2.5" Trays No Holes
  • (4) 1010 6" Domes (Also available without domes).
  • Printable PDF Instructions

Key Features

  • USA Made trays
  • Designed for small-space gardeners
  • Available in Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, or Orange.
  • 1010 tray - Outer dimensions: 10.635" x 10.385" Outside Edge Wide x 2.5Deep
  • 6 Cell -  Outer dimensions: 5" x 3⅓" x 2¼" height, each cell in the tray insert is 1½" x 1½" x 2⅛" on top, which tapers down to 1" at the bottom, Air pruning slits measure 0.11" wide x 1¼" tall.
  • Extra-strength Domes with vents for humidity control

Perfect for Seed Starting Projects and Workshops

Check out our seed starting workshop bundles, with enough supplies for 10 students.

Ladies Standing Around a Table at Seed Starting Workshop With bright colored trays

Photo credit: Niya Brown Matthews You Grow Girl Garden Workshop

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