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5X5 Shallow Microgreen Trays

5X5 Shallow Microgreen Trays

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USA Made Shallow 5X5 Trays

Our newly designed, shallow 5 x 5 trays are made of heavy-duty, BPA- free, FDA-grade, polypropylene plastic. Ideal for small-batch microgreens, propagation projects, and more. These 5" x 5" inserts can be used for both soil and hydroponic applications. 

Designed to be used with our shallow 1020 trays. Eight of the 5x5 trays fit into one shallow 1020.


  • USA Made
  • 5" x 5" and 1.3" tall.  8 fit per shallow 1020 tray.
    *Note (8) shallow 5x5s do not fit properly in our standard 2.5" deep 1020 
  • Available with or without drainage holes
  • Made from BPA-free, FDA-grade, polypropylene plastic
  • Durability backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Heavy-duty, guaranteed not to chip or crack
  • Perfect size for small-batch microgreens


  • Seed Tray
  • Fodder Tray
  • Microgreen Tray

Please note: These do not fit well in our standard 1010 trays Since our 1010 trays are designed to fit two into a 1020, they are slightly smaller and do not fit four 5x5 trays precisely. 

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