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Bootstrap Farmer

Deep Water Greens Raft

Deep Water Greens Raft

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USA Made Deep Water Greens Raft 

Bootstrap Farmer has changed the game for hydroponics farming by manufacturing the strongest raft on the market right here in the USA. Just like our heavy-duty 1020s changed the garden tray industry, our latest development of a patent-pending, impenetrable, flexible, coated, sterilizable float raft for deep water culture will change the way you grow!


Revolutionize your deep water hydro farm with Bootstrap Farmer's USA-Made Deep Water Greens Raft. Unlike typical styrofoam rafts, our rafts are fortified with a resilient polyurea coating, rendering them nearly indestructible. No more broken corners to let light in, and no more sending rafts to the landfill! These rafts are flexible enough not to break under the heaviest of crop loads - no matter how workers handle the boards.

These coated deep water rafts are 2’ x 4’, with 18 holes, offering a fully planted density of 2.25 plants per square foot. 

Key Features

  • UL-certified ANS/NSF 61
  • Food-safe
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • UV Resistant 
  • Easy to Clean
  • Sterilizable
  • 18 holes for a wide range of crop options
  • Dimensions
    • 48”x 24”x 1”
    • Square holes 1”x 1”x 1” deep 
    • Weight 4.02 lbs. 
  • Non-fading tan color keeps the plants cool
  • Rafts are expanded polystyrene core (EPS) with polyurea coating
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be pressure-washed
  • Coating Hardness D-2240 D 52 / Tensile strength, D-412 3850 psi
  • Excellent impact resistance even in sub-freezing weather
  • Perfect for hydroponics and aquaponics applications

For larger orders, email for a quote.

Benefits of Coated Rafts for Deep Water Culture

Bootstrap Farmer’s made in the USA Deep Water Greens Raft for lettuce, Asian greens, and other hydroponic floating crops are designed to:

Eliminate Pathogen Build-up: As plants are harvested, there is a need to thoroughly clean and sanitize the channels and rafts to reduce the risk of pathogens that can harm future plantings. It is impossible to clean polystyrene 100% without damaging the raft. Our coated rafts are nearly indestructible with even the most pressure from a power washer. This means a farmer can get the rafts back to new surface sanitation every harvest cycle without fear of spreading pathogens.

Eliminate Algae Growth: Inadequate cleaning of traditional EPS rafts can lead to algae growth, which competes with plants for nutrients and can block light, negatively impacting the health of the system. Hydroponic facilities that open up to chefs, media, and visitors no longer need to explain the unsightly growing conditions of algae build-up on their rafts. 

Eliminate Structural Weakness: Rafts, typically made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), can break down over time, leading to structural integrity issues and bits floating in the system and water pumps. Bootstrap Farmer’s coated rafts are flexible enough not to break under the heaviest of crop loads in any way workers handle the boards. No more broken corners to let light in, no more culling of rafts to send to the landfill, and no more ordering replacement rafts every time you hire a new worker. 

Reduce Environmental Concerns: EPS rafts are a form of plastic, which raises environmental concerns regarding their disposal and the potential for pollution when using degraded EPS rafts and sending them to landfills. Reduce your environmental impact by switching to the last floating raft you will ever have to buy.

Cut cleaning labor time by 80%: Bootstrap Farmer’s Deep Water Greens Raft offers a coating that reduces algae and plant tissue buildup. We combined our impenetrable, slick, extra strong, waterproof coating to create a raft strong enough to take on high-pressure commercial strength cleaning units from pressure washers. Reduce your cleaning time by more than 80% while completely eliminating pathogens, algae, plant tissue, and residual media. 

Interested in learning more about hydroponics and deep water culture? Check out our helpful blogs.

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