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Greenhouse Sidewall Ventilation Crank

Greenhouse Sidewall Ventilation Crank

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Ventilate your greenhouse with our side wall ventilation hand crank.  Easily vent your roll-up curtain sidewalls up to 150 feet long!


  • Stainless steel handle, full plastic resin casing for long anti-corrosion time
  • The 4:1 Gear ratio provides easy cranking
  • Self Locking and automatic brake holds sidewall in place
  • The drive shaft fits perfectly inside ¾" EMT conduit.  Attachment screws included
  • ¾" EMT conduit guide post not included but easily found at most hardware stores

A proper greenhouse ventilation system is incredibly important to any grow operation, no matter whether you’re a hobbyist with a smaller structure or a commercial farmer whose massive house protects their livelihood.

Our greenhouse hand crank can roll up sidewalls up to 150 feet long.  It does so with a durable construction of stainless steel in a plastic resin casing designed to fight off long-term corrosion and wear. What’s more, its 4:1 gear ratio makes for easy cranking and self-locking. The automatic brake will ensure that your sidewall will stay where you want it to.

With this hand crank, you’ll be able to control the temperature and humidity of your greenhouse.  It also gives you side access to both your low and high tunnel hoop houses. It’s even easy to install; follow these instructions for guidance on how to integrate this greenhouse curtain crank into the creation of your greenhouse.



Why Ventilate your Greenhouse?

Greenhouse Cooling and Humidity Control

Controlling greenhouse humidity with some ventilation system is a must in just about any climate.  Even in cooler climates, greenhouse temperatures can reach extreme levels.  Your plants are more likely to die in a greenhouse from excessive heat than cool temperatures.

Pests and Disease Prevention

Proper greenhouse air circulation is also critical for healthy plants. By rolling up your side curtains you allow stale air to get pushed out of your greenhouse leading to healthier plants with fewer disease and pest problems.  Many common greenhouse pests and diseases thrive on stale and humid air.  Rolling up your sidewalls will allow air to circulate, naturally reducing incidences of these common problems.

Better Pollination

Growing in a greenhouse without natural air circulation can cause poor pollination of your plants.  A breeze naturally sends pollen around your greenhouse so you can avoid the hassle of hand-pollinating every plant.  If you are noticing poor pollination or poor fruit setting, this is a sign that you may need to be increasing the airflow into your greenhouse.


Keeping Your Greenhouse Ventilated

During the hot summer months its critical to keep your greenhouse well ventilated.  In our area at the southern coast of North Carolina we get average highs in the lower 90s with high humidity. Without proper greenhouse ventilation temperatures inside can easily exceed 115°.  To keep your plants cool during periods of high heat we simply just roll up our sidewalls and keep both end wall doors open.  This allows air to naturally keep our greenhouse cool and our plants safe from excess heat. 

Greenhouse Ventilation System
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