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High Diffusion 6 mil Open UV Greenhouse Plastic

High Diffusion 6 mil Open UV Greenhouse Plastic

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High Diffusion Greenhouse Film for Brighter Fruit and Flowers

This UV open, 6 mil plastic is the premiere plastic choice in the floral (excluding roses) and fruit industry. Its five layers include IR additives, anti-drip condensate, anti-dust, and high light diffusion, which help create more ideal growing conditions and higher yields. Imagine giving your plants even more light, better dispersion, and more comfortable temps through the sunless hours. Plants are less stressed, the foliage stays dry, and pests stay at bay because moisture is less likely to build up due to expiration from night-time cooling. 

Of note: When using infrared coverings, it is vital to add a shade cloth during warmer months to help reduce heat. These items work exceptionally well together to maintain a more consistent growing environment that discourages the foliage from transpiring and attracting pests.

This greenhouse plastic diffuses the sun's rays down to 88%. It then evenly distributes this light throughout the structure leading to more consistent growth, less burning, and better yields. Foliage receives even light coverage, leading to less stretch and more efficient development. This diffusion also improves the photosynthesis process since the light can reach a larger surface area of the growing plants.

This plastic allows small amounts of UVA, which is vital for bees to navigate. Fruits and flowers react to these UVA rays by producing more pigment, like sun protection for the plant. This means more vibrant flowers and deeper hued berries. This additive also increases potency in flowering plants. Not intended for use with hemp as it could raise THC levels above industry limits.

The anti-condensate properties of this cover cause water droplets to flatten, allowing the excess water to run down the sides instead of landing on foliage. Water condensation droplets landing on vegetation creates a "magnify glass" effect that causes burning on plants. Excess water overall can lead to pest issues, many of which can cause plant diseases and stunted growth. Keeping the covers clear of built-up moisture also allows for better light diffusion overall.

The infrared and diffusing properties of this plastic offer the perfect combination of mechanical and spectral properties. IR properties help to keep the inside temps from escaping. Maintaining these temperatures help with the sugar accumulation in fruits as it raises the Brix (sugar content), and improves precocity overall. The plant can maintain its energy level instead of depleting in the overnights trying to maintain foliage temperatures. 


  • Anti-dust (AD) property helps film stay clear of contaminants, improving film light transmission.
  • High diffusion (Diff) for even and homogeneous light distribution on your canopy, eliminating shadow caused by other plants
  • Allows for UV inclusion
  • Sheeting has an opaque appearance 
  • Infra-red (IR) property aids in keeping your greenhouse temperature higher during cold nights, saving energy costs for heating while keeping things drier.
  • 5 layers film technology 6 mil plastic
  • Free Shipping Lower US 48 contiguous states.
  • 4-Year Rating & Warranty
  • Designed to hold heat. Not recommended in areas of high heat without the use of shade cloth 

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    Test Method Units Values
    Tensile Strength at Break MD/TD ASTM-D-882 MPa 23/22
    Elongation at Break MD/TD ASTM-D-882 % 650/750
    Tear Resistance MD/TD ASTM-D-1922 Gr./mm 8700/12500
    Falling Dart Drop Impact ASTM-D-1709 Gram 1200


    Test Method Values
    Light transmission in PAR % ASTM-D-1003 88
    Diffused light tr. in PAR % 62
    UV-trans 300-380 nm. % 65
    Thermicity 7-15 micron % Internal "FT-IR" 85


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