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Light Deprivation & Blackout Plastic - 6 mil Reversible Black & White

Light Deprivation & Blackout Plastic - 6 mil Reversible Black & White

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Our black/white poly plastic can be cut to custom lengths. If you don't see the size of plastic you are looking for; please contact us.

6 mil Reversible Black & White Light Deprivation Plastic Tarp

Use this light deprivation tarp to protect your plants as a ground cover or to block out UV rays for photo-period control. This black and white reversible tarp has a 100% film opacity rating to give your crops full light protection when used as a blackout tarp. Keep your greenhouse cool with this tarp's light-reflective white layer. Built to last with extra care taken when sewing the folds. We love that this tarp is designed to withstand foot traffic and is guaranteed to hold up to 3 years of UV exposure.

How to Use Black and White Silage Tarp

  • Reflective to blackout your greenhouse for photo-period control
  • Cover areas to control weeds for reduced tillage- Read more on this process.
  • Use to fallow an area before planting
  • Retain moisture in your soil when used as a mulch
  • Cover storage areas with added UV protection
  • Lining for a float bed

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Click here to learn more about light deprivation techniques.


Film Usage

Silage/Ground and Greenhouse Cover

Width Up to 54 ft
Thickness 6 mil
Length As Required
Tensile Strength at break MD/ ASTM D-882 23.0 MPa TD/ ASTM D-882 25.0 MPa
Elongation at break MD/ ASTM D-882 550% TD/ ASTM D-882 650%
Tear Resistance MD/ ASTM D1922 6000 Gr./mm. TD/ASTM D1922 9000 Gr./mm.
Falling dart drop impact ASTM D-1709 750 Gram


Light transmissions- PAR ASTM D-1003  0
Reflection- PAR ASTM D-1003 70



This plastic includes a 3-year Manufacturers warranty (when used as a cover) and 1- Year Manufacturer's warranty (when used as a mulch). This plastic is made with the highest control standard. This warranty is a guarantee that the product delivered to the customer conforms to their stated specifications. 


Rolls over 120 lbs. must ship via motor freight. We will notify you if your order requires this shipping method. Click here for information on freight delivery.

    Because each order is custom cut, we can not accept returns once the item has shipped.

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