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Net Pot Tray - 18 Holes - 10"x20"

Net Pot Tray - 18 Holes - 10"x20"

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Made out of re-enforced polypropylene plastic to help give your farm piece of mind with the longevity of your equipment.

Fits 18 2” net pots and compatible with our 1020 trays.  1½ inch spacing allows for substantially more room than our 32 hole Net Pot trays proving extra growing space.

Key Features 

  • Made from Extra Strength BPA Free Food Safe #5 PP plastic plate.
  • Outer Dimensions 21¼” x 11”
  • Compatible with our 2" net pots, 1020 trays, and humidity domes
  • Each hole is 2 1/16" wide
  • Efficient way to grow hydroponically using your 1020 trays
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