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Spider Milkweed

Spider Milkweed

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Approx Seeds/Pack: 15

Spider Milkweed shares with other Asclepias species its milky, irritating sap and strong attractiveness to Monarch butterflies and a host of other insects. Like other milkweed species, Spider Milkweed is also avoided by mammalian herbivores and livestock.

Very tolerant of dry conditions, Spider Milkweed can be found in sand prairies, pastures, and even ditches. Because of its shorter height and taproot, Spider Milkweed does not tolerate high amounts of vegetative competition. Spider Milkweed features rose-white flowers surrounded by green that form in showy umbellated clusters, often one per plant.  Its beauty and tendency to spread slightly make it a good garden choice.
Spider Milkweed is also called Green Antelophorn.
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