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Ultimate Backyard Gardener Bundle

Ultimate Backyard Gardener Bundle

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Ready to go all in on that garden this season? This is the complete kit for those who are planning to garden with intensity! Look no further than the Ultimate Backyard Gardener Bundle for all the equipment you need to get from seed to harvest.

This all-in-one bundle includes (Also available without Domes)

Key Features

  • USA Made
  • Designed for backyard gardens, community gardens and small market farms.
  • 1020 tray - Outer dimensions: 20.98” x 10.76” x 2.5” Deep
  • 6 Cell -  Outer dimensions: 5" x 3⅓" x 2¼" height, each cell in the tray insert is 1½" x 1½" x 2⅛" on top, which tapers down to 1" at the bottom, Air pruning slits measure 0.11" wide x 1¼" tall.
  • 3.3" Seed Starting PotsDimensions- 3.3" wide, 4.3" tall with .62" drainage hole on bottom.
  • Insert Trays for Pots - Each kit comes with 5 inserts that hold 18 pots each.
  • Extra-strength 6" Domes with vents for humidity control

 Check out our Seed Starting 101 Guide for all your seed starting questions!

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