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1020 Blackout Humidity Dome

1020 Blackout Humidity Dome

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Blackout Humidity Dome

Those Extra-Strength Humidity Domes you love are now available for blackout application. These blackout domes for 1020 trays help regulate your seedlings' growing conditions and help cut down on watering. Maximize germination while providing your seedlings with the proper blackout period with our heavy-duty blackout domes.

Not sure how to use a blackout dome? Read Microgreens and When to Use a Blackout Dome.


  • Made from Extra Strength recycled plastic
  • Dome reaches 6" above the top of the seed tray (5½" interior space). Outer Dimension: 21¼" x 11" x 6"
  • Available with 2.5" dome and 6" dome height
  • Adjustable Humidity Vent
  • Not intended for use in direct sunlight
  • Easy-grip handle attached to cloning dome.
  • Provides tray with blackout period with a snug fit
  • Fits 1020 trays and plug trays, including all those sold by Bootstrap Farmer
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