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Bean - Amethyst - Bush

Bean - Amethyst - Bush

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Germination Rate: 91%

Seeds/Pack: 20


Beans, beans, the magical fruit… the more you eat the more you… what?? Bush beans are exactly as the name suggests- bushy. Each bush bean variety we chose to offer has a distinct color and texture of the actual bean. Bush beans provide a solid method of adding vegetation to your landscape or in your garden beds as the plants grow to around 18” tall and 8”-18” wide. Beans are easy to cook and can be sauteed, roasted, or used in stews/soups. They are easy to store either via canning or freezing with our preferred storage method being canning in pint jars. Bush bean plants will provide one or two good harvests per season. Our experience with bush beans is that they are more firm than pole beans.

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