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Bean - Tema

Bean - Tema

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Germination Rate: 85%

Seeds/Pack: 30

Bush Beans

When should you start bean seeds?  

Seeds can either be started indoors 6-8 weeks before transplanting, using a quality soil such as ProMix and gradually hardened off OR started by seed in a well moistened soil in a designated outdoor space- both after your season’s last frost.   Beans need daily watering, love, and typically do not require any fertilization.


How do you plant the seeds?

Bean seeds should be planted at a shallow depth (first knuckle of your index finger) spaced equally at a finger length apart. 


When are beans ready to harvest?

We harvest our beans when they reach around 4” - 6”,  When the beans inside are undeveloped for the sweetest tasting fresh beans. Pick when pods are firm and crisp with undeveloped or small seeds. Harvest very often to avoid tough, stringy pods and ensure plant productivity

Or, wait until the beans are hard in the pod and the pods are dry for dry beans. 

Please note:   Our recommendations aren’t the Gospel, be sure to compare growing techniques with several sources to ensure the specific success you seek.  Gardening is a fun hobby and it is a constant learning process.  The good news is seeds are designed to grow! Our suggestions for planting and harvesting are based on our location- zone 7a- in extreme Northeast Ohio.  Your experience may be different.  No two seasons will be the same.   Just plant and have fun!


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