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Bean - Royal Burgundy

Bean - Royal Burgundy

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Germination Rate: 80%

Seeds/Pack: 30


Royal Burgundy beans, also known as purple bush beans, are a unique and visually striking variety of Phaseolus vulgaris, the common garden bean. These beans have a rich history dating back centuries, with their origins believed to be in Central and South America, where indigenous peoples cultivated various types of beans. The name "Royal Burgundy" reflects their regal appearance, as the pods and beans are a deep, royal purple color. They gained popularity in the United States during the 1980s and have since become a favorite among gardeners and culinary enthusiasts alike.

In terms of taste, Royal Burgundy beans offer a mild, slightly nutty flavor that is reminiscent of traditional green beans. However, their vibrant purple color adds a striking visual element to dishes, making them a popular choice for salads and garnishes. The pods are typically around 4-6 inches in length and are harvested when they are young and tender, before the seeds inside fully develop.

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