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Bootstrap Farmer

Broadfork | USA Made

Broadfork | USA Made

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Heavy-Duty Broadfork by Bootstrap Farmer

The Bootstrap Farmer Heavy-Duty Broadfork is perfect for market gardeners and farmers looking to invest in the longevity and health of their soil. Manufactured in the USA with hardwood handles and heavy-duty steel, this tool measures 24" wide, with 5 tines spaced 5 1/2 inches apart. Get your Texas-made broad fork today and embrace farming that works. 


  • USA-made
  • American Ash hardwood handles (48" long) with ergonomic design for comfort. *Note - variation occurs in wood grain color.
  • Dimensions- 24'' width with 5 tines spaced 5-1/2 inches apart allows for optimal ground coverage.
  • Tines are 10 15/16" from the middle of the base to the tip of the tine, 2 3/8" wide near the bar, and tapers down to 3/4". Tines are 1/4" thick. 
  • Promotes beneficial microbes and earthworms.
  • Enhances aeration and water penetration.
  • Reduces soil erosion, improving soil structure and minimizing the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
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Installing Handles:

Insert the square handle into the top of the bar. Mark the center of the hole on the Broad fork head. Remove the poles &  Drill a 5/16" hole at the mark. Reinsert the pole, insert the supplied bolts, and secure with a nut.

    How to Use:

    Simply insert the tines into the soil at the end of your bed and step down on the crossbar, using body weight to insert deeply. Rock gently and pull back on the handles to aerate the soil without overturning it. After a 45° handle tilt, remove the tines and move to the next section. For new soil, a second pass might be necessary to fully establish aeration channels.

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