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Bush's Poppy Mallow

Bush's Poppy Mallow

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Approx Seeds/Pack: 40

Bush's Poppy Mallow can mature to 2' in height but will often be seen spreading out rather than up. Its magenta flowers are a real stand-out in any planting. It prefers drier soil conditions, full sun to partial shade and has a long bloom time. Poppy Mallow species are often also referred to as Winecups or Wine Cups for their bloom color and shape.

Bush's Poppy Mallow is named for American botanist Benjamin Franklin Bush, who discovered the plant.

The boiling water treatment (Germination Code: B) helps break open the hard seed coat. This may happen naturally with freeze/thaw cycles, but better germination can be expected if hot water treatment is done before fall planting outside, or artificial cold-moist stratification in a fridge (Germination Code: C).

Germination Code B     C(30)

Life Cycle Perennial

Sun Exposure Full, Partial

Soil Moisture Medium, Medium-Dry, Dry

Height 2 feet

Bloom Time June, July, August

Bloom Color Pink


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