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Bootstrap Farmer

Complete Trellising System

Complete Trellising System

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Trellis Vine Crops in a Hoop House

The Bootstrap Farmer Trellis Bar Kit is designed to be installed onto end wall vertical uprights. To eliminate the guesswork, we provide the layout and all hardware, materials, and cable ready to be installed in your hoop house.

The kit's heavy-duty components easily handle multi-leader indeterminate vines and close-spaced fruiting crops with added dynamic weight considerations for pruning, harvesting, lower & leaning, and general farm activities.

Available in 14' & under, 20' and 30' widths, and up to 100' in length, along with customizable row selection. 


  • Adjustable based on spacing and length preferences. 
  • Adds additional cross bracing to your house.
  • Reduces pest pressure and disease with better-managed plants.
  • Perfect for vining crops.
  • Eliminates the need for tall ladders.
  • Easier harvesting!
  • Works best with - roller hook string lines and vine clips.


Trellis Wire Kit

  • 1/4 7X19 CABLE 304 Galvanized Stainless Steel (crimped on one end)
  • Hardware for attachment to Horizontal Bar
  • Available in 20', 40', 60', 80, and 100' lengths 
  • Customizable row quantity selection
  • Detailed Instructions

Optional Add-ons

Horizontal Bar Kit 

  • 1.5" x 78" Endwall trellis bars
  • 1.25" x 6" trellis bar joiners
  • Available in 14' & under, 20', and 30' widths
  • Hardware included for installation.
  • Detailed Instructions

Truss Kits  (Add structural support for weight)

  • We recommend you place a truss on every third hoop. See chart in the truss listing to determine the number of trusses you will need.

Note: If your hoop house is in between these lengths, order up and cut off the extra cable and crimp.

    Interested in learning more about trellising? Check out our helpful video series on trellising tomatoes in a hoop house.

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