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Bootstrap Farmer

Deep Greenhouse Lock Channel

Deep Greenhouse Lock Channel

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Deep Lock Channel for Multiple, Thick Layers of Greenhouse Film

Fit up to 40 mil of greenhouse film into this deep lock channel made exclusively for Bootstrap Farmer. This is the perfect lock channel for light dep. structures and any structure with a double layer of woven poly. 


  • Heavy-Duty Design 
  • 6.5' long sections of long-lasting, rust and maintenance-free aluminum alloy
  • .768" X 1.313" X 6.5'
  • Holds up to 40 mil in layered greenhouse film in one channel (6 layers)
  • Suitable for woven poly and light dep tarps with extra thickness
  • Free Shipping in lower 48
  • 6.5 ft of long-lasting, rust and maintenance-free aluminum alloy
  • Offers a superior connection for your greenhouse’s covering
  • Mounts to all wood or steel structures; pre-drilling or self-tapping screws recommended
  • Spring Wire (also know as wiggle wire) and screws are not included.


Option 1 Multi-layer Light Dep & Woven Poly

  • Layer 1 6 Mil Black/White Wind Panel from end wall hoop to the second hoop
  • Layer 2 6 Mil Thermal Layer to side wall hip board
  • Layer 3 6 Mil Black/White End Wall
  • Layer 4 8 or 11 Mil Woven Poly top cover & roll up sidewall

Option 2 Aqualiner for Deep Water Ponds

  • 20 Mil Woven HDPE Scrim 9.4oz

Option 3 Creating Microclimate with Layers

  • Layering i.e. Shade Cloth, Double Layer Film

What are the differences between a U Channel Lock, Double Lock Channel, and Deep Lock Channel design?

A standard lock channel will fit up to 3 layers. The double lock channel is essentially double channels and holds up to 6 layers (3 and 3). The deep channel is for holding up to 40 mils of greenhouse layers in one channel. This is perfect for light dep. tunnels and those who want to use a double layer of woven poly. 

Want to learn more about lock channel? Check out this 

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