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Grow Bags - 7 Gallon Colored Fabric Pots

Grow Bags - 7 Gallon Colored Fabric Pots

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Now with colors, you can step up your game at the next farmers market and find new ways to attract attention on social media. These colored grow bags won't fail to get you noticed in a crowd! 

They aren’t just for the market grower, though, of course. Use these grow bags on your porch or back patio for healthy landscapes with a pop of color. Great for mixing and matching color schemes with your favorite flowers for striking views. 

Perfect for tomatoes, flowers, herbs & more! Portability makes our fabric grow bags ideal for greenhouse and outdoor applications.

 Key Features 

  • Durable fabric construction ensures multiple season use

  • Available in Orange, Brown, Green, Red, Purple, or a convenient Variety Pack
  • Can be washed and easily stored

  • BPA- free, Food-Safe Material allows soil aeration for optimum root growth

  • Fabric pot has handles for easy transport

  • The fabric allows roots to breathe and grow healthier

  • Versatile use - great for hydroponics, back patios, porches, greenhouses, and much more
  • Keeps plants warmer in winter and cooler in the summer

  • Prevents roots from circling and decreases risk of transplant shock

  • 13” diameter, 12” deep (6.9 liquid gal). Great for tomatoes, flowers, herbs & more!
  • One of the highest-density grow bags at 350 grams per square meter


Fabric grow bags are designed to allow soil aeration for optimum root growth. Unlike clay or plastic, these pots stand up well to heavy harvests - you’ll find yourself using them for years to come. These 7 gallon grow bags will help your plants thrive throughout the year by providing the prime environment for the root system.

7-gallon fabric pots also provide plenty of space by air pruning the roots, which in turn offers water drainage through the soil and roots for sufficient water. They can be put to use in indoor and outdoor settings: hydroponic systems, soil, backyard patios, and even the traveling RV’er who still wishes to keep some plants on the road.

Fabric aeration pots are durable enough to last for multiple seasons of gardening while creating an oxygen-healthy root system for the plant. How, you may ask? It encourages “root pruning” rather than “root circling,” which you get from traditional plastic pots. Root circling causes girdling that restricts water transportation and leads to structural defects. When the roots reach the edge of a traditional pot, they keep looking for more room to grow. With fabric grow pots, when the roots reach the end of the pot, they reach air – this cues the roots to stop growing and direct all their energy up top.  

These fabric grow bags will last you multiple seasons under normal conditions.  When not in use, fabric grow bags fold flat for easy storage. Ideal for anyone with limited growing space - because we all deserve to have fresh plants in our life, no matter the lifestyle.

Fabric Grow Bag Guide

(Grow bag sizes and approx. cubic ft of soil: approximate measurements if filled to the top.)

2 gal  .30 cf

A single plant (house plant, annual flowers)

5 gal .66 cf

A single plant or a combination of smaller leafy greens.

7 gal .93 cf 

Tomato, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, and woody herbs like rosemary.  Mixed food crops like a cocktail garden 

10 gal 1.3 cf 

Long season root crops like garlic or onions, carrots, and beets: large herbs or small fruit trees, bay tree

25 g 4.0 cf

Long season root crops, potatoes, mixed greens, flowers, herbs

100 gal 10.3 cf 

Used in place of a raised bed, shallow-rooted crops, leafy greens, and lettuce

200 gal 26 cf.

Used in place of a raised bed (perennials, vegetable crops)


To read more about the benefits of Grow Bags, check out our article Grow Bags vs. Plastic Pots

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