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Grow Rack Flood Trays - Shallow Water 2' x 4'

Grow Rack Flood Trays - Shallow Water 2' x 4'

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Now USA Made! 2 ft x 4 ft (45½" x 25½" x 3½") Rack Tray is designed to fit standard chrome wire shelving that is 18 in. wide. This allows the 3-inch drainage channels to be lower than the growing surface for optimal drainage.

Utilizing baker's racks for vertical propagation allows you to increase your production by more than 300% without sacrificing additional square footage.

The 2 ft x 4 ft rack is perfect for large-scale microgreen or commercial propagators looking to maximize their production. Specifically designed features allow this tray to sit flat on shelving with a trough that hangs slightly over the edge.

The trough reduces standing water.

This rack tray will fit four 10 x 20 inch propagation trays.

YouTube | Bootstrap Farmer How to Use Flood and Drain Trays

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