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LED Strip Grow Lights - 48"

LED Strip Grow Lights - 48"

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Our 48" LED grow lights allow you to daisy chain up to 7 grow lights through a single power cord for seamless expansion of your growing area.  They can be mounted vertically or horizontally to handle different growing environments.

Dedicated hydroponic farmers know that quality grow lighting is essential to any indoor farming operation. It’s of the utmost importance not only that the proper illumination is provided but also that your lights offer the reliability and flexibility that any farmer asks of his tools. We at Bootstrap Farmer are proud to offer a model that can fulfill every one of your lighting needs. This LED Strip Light boasts Cool White, 6400k spectrum light, an extended light time of 50,000 hours, and a NanoTech T5 reflector that promotes vigorous growth by capturing 99.9% of lost light. These incredible strip lights will serve as the powerful, reliable, versatile backbone of your indoor farm for years to come.

At 6400 Kelvin on the light spectrum (also referred to as the blue spectrum), this light is the best for indoor growing as it mimics bright daylight. The scale works in a way that the higher degrees of Kelvin, the whiter the temperature. This color temperature is best used in the seedling stage of plants. 

 This light also features a Poly Carbonite optically transparent LED protective shield, which is splash & dust resistant. This makes for longer-lasting LEDs as they are protected from whatever elements they may face in your grow room. 

In addition to the protective shield, this four-foot light is rated for 50,000 hours... that's 2,083 days! 


    • Length: 4 Feet
    • Power cord roll switch for easy on/off
    • Daisy chain compatibility allows for easy chaining of multiple lights
    • Allows easy vertical mounting
    • Input Voltage: 85v-265v (range of voltage lights are safe to operate at: most homes outlets are between 110 and 120 volts)
    • 96 Piece 0.5W LED Grow Lights per strip = 48W total
    • 110 LuMens per Watt (energy efficiency of lighting: how much visible light you get for a given amount of electricity)
    • 6,400k (Kelvin Color Temperature)
    • Working Temperature: - 18℃ - 60℃ (- 0°F - 140°F)
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