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Microgreen Tray Hobby Starter Bundle

Microgreen Tray Hobby Starter Bundle

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Focus on growing microgreens and not constantly repurchasing your trays.  These  microgreen trays are built to last!

Bundle Contains:


  • Dome, flat tray and microgreen trays are built for a lifetime.  Backed by a 2 Year Warranty to be free of cracks and defects
  • These microgreen trays where collectively designed by professional microgreen growers 
  • Microgreen trays are a shallow 1¼" high.  The shallow tray makes it easy to cut your microgreens low
  • The microgreen growing trays have 32 drainage holes to help prevent pooling water in your microgreen tray
  • All trays are made from food safe BPA free plastic


When growing microgreens the last things you want to deal with are flimsy and broken trays.  Our microgreen trays are built to last a lifetime so you can focus on growing the best and fullest microgreens.

Harvesting your microgreens doesn't have to be a hassle.  Our 1¼" high shallow tray allows you to quickly and easily cut your greens at an even level. 

One of the hardest things to control while growing microgreens is mold.  Excess water sitting in your microgreen trays is one of the leading causes, which is why our trays are designed with 32 drainage slots.  These will keep all the excess water off the bottom of your trays.

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